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KAMA PIGMENTS Powdered Pigment

Powdered pigments are fine coloured particles of different chemical origins. These are used to produce the colour in all different types of artist paints. The Kama Pigments range of colours only includes pigments that have been selected both for chemical purity and lightfastness.

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In the past, the majority of pigments used by artists came from natural sources. Today however, the artist’s palette has grown considerably through the introduction of new pigments such as cadmium, cobalt, titanium and organics. Working with dry pigments enables artists to make their own paints according to their specific tastes and expectations.

Mix these artist quality pigments with the paint binder of your choice to create your own watercolors, oils, gouache, acrylic and more.

Find some great paint binders here.

Find Kama Gum Arabic here for making your own watercolours.

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