KAM01 Titanium White PW6


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Natural and synthetic earth tones dry pigments, chemically pure and without additives.

2.25oz and 4oz jars are plastic.

2oz size comes in a flint glass jar.

Approximate pigment mass on volume formats
  • 7ml : 8.4 grams
  • 125ml : 116.3 grams
Origin (natural or synthetic): synthetic
Lime compatibility : yes
Pigment description, according to ASTM : Titanium White, Inorganic: titanium dioxide (rutile or anatase) with option of including some barium sulfate or zinc oxide
Chemical family (Kama) : inorganic / generic
Lightfastness, according to ASTM-D4302 : I
Opacity : opaque
Average particle size: 0.5 µm
SDS link : safety data sheets for PS-MI0100.
Technical data sheet : technical data sheet for PS-MI0100.


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Size oz

2 oz, 2.25 oz, 4 oz

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