Handmade Glass Mullers


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Regular (2.5″diameter) – 150 x 80 x 80 mm (size may vary slightly due to handmade nature)

Small (1.5″ diameter) – 170 x 50 x 50 mm (size may vary slightly due to handmade nature)

A glass muller is the traditional tool used to prepare artists paints. Used along with a marble or glass plate as a base; a muller will disperse the dry pigment into chosen binder via mechanical friction by separating pigments and crushing agglomerations to obtain an optimal dispersion and thus color strength and saturation.

Any conscientious painter making or wishing to make its own paint will see only advantages of using a muller to create paints that are rich and vibrant. Our mullers come with a bag of carborundum, the abrasive used to roughen the glass surfaces.

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Before using your muller for the first time, you must roughen its surface with an abrasive. Once your muller is rough, the paint will adhere better to the surface thus increasing the friction needed to disperse the pigments properly.

To roughen your muller, simply execute the motion of grinding, and replace the paint with a mixture of carborundum and water. The noise is a bit intense, that’s normal. After a many repeated use, your muller could become dull, in which case you may decide it is time sand the surface again.

NOTE : The glass you use as a base will also be roughened in the process.

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1.5", 2.5"

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