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Kama Glow in the Dark Sky Blue Powdered Pigment

These glow in the dark pigments are Zinc Sulfide compounds that responds to excitation by daylight, incandescent, fluorescent or ultraviolet lights. This Kama powdered pigment emits a bright blue glow and exhibits high initial brightness and afterglow. The afterglow effect is dependent on pigment concentration, surface area and amount of radiant energy absorbed. Phosphorescent (glow in the dark) pigments, chemically pure and without additives.

Precautions when handling phosphorescent pigments :

  •  When working with strong acids since this can cause dissolution of phosphorescent pigments.
  •  In the presence of high relative humidity and sunlight, phosphorescent pigments can exhibit darkening.
  • It is not recommended to mill this product since this will degrade the phosphorescence due to breakdown of the crystal structure of the phosphorescent pigment. Mild stirring should be used to incorporate these pigments into a binder.
  • The addition of colorless extenders or colored pigments will reduce the intensity of  the phosphorescence.
  • Testing is recommended in the intended application to determine suitability.

Phosphorescence Information:

  • Chemical Type: Strontium Aluminate
  • Luminosity:
    • 1 min: 980
    • 10 min: 100
    • 60 min: 24
  • Particle Size in microns (µm): 35-45
  • Afterglow Length: 10 Hours
  • Color Appearance:
    • In the Dark: Sky Blue
    • Daylight: Pale Green Yellow


Origin (natural or synthetic): SyntheticOpacity : TransparentChemical family (Kama) : inorganic / phosphorescentAverage particle size in microns (µm): 35-45 µmLime compatibility : noPigment description : Strontium Aluminate based complex molecule that responds quickly to excitation by daylight.Lightfastness : n/aHeat stability : 1090 °C

safety data sheets for PS-GD0050.

Kama Glow in the Dark Sky Blue Powdered Pigment

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