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Throughout its history, Yasutomo has kept the traditional aspects of Asian art materials intact, because the applications are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and philosophy. Their innovative stationery items introduced over the years have been primarily in their Western Art material lines. These products, combined with their selection of Asian Art materials, makes Yasutomo a unique source of supplies for artists, crafters and students.

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Yasutomo and Company was established in June 1954 by Mr. Ben Yasutomo. The initial goal was to supply stationery and artist materials from Japan to the U.S. and distribute American candy and snack products to Japan.

Early on, Yasutomo imported Japanese gift and paper products and soon expanded into Asian art supplies. As time went on, demand for artist materials such as Rice Paper (washi), Japanese sumi-e items, and craft products such as origami paper began to increase substantially.

After achieving success in the art supply and office products markets, Yasutomo added several innovative writing instruments and stationery products under the NIJI and Y&C brands. These products include Origami paper, the Quad-Point Multi Function Pen and more.

Yasutomo continues to bring you products to make your projects more enjoyable to create, while providing a learning experience at the same time. When planning your next art or craft project, consider their products as part of your solution.

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