School Art Projects: Acrylics


Acrylic colours are a quick-drying paint based on 100% acrylic resin (a synthetic dispersion). When applying acrylic colours thinly and/or thinned with water, a watercolour effect can be obtained. Usually, however, acrylic colours are applied thickly and the result appears like that of oil colours. Many artists prefer acrylic colours because acrylic colours dry much quicker than oil colours and are practically odourless. Click here for Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylics 

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Below are the step-by-step plans for acrylic colours. Click on the image to see and download the project PDF.

ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE Step-by-step plan for acrylic colours.

TROPICAL FISH Step-by-step plan for acrylic colours.

BLUE VASES Step-by-step plan for acrylic colours.

ACRYLIC ABSTRACT Step-by-plan for acrylic colours.

SUMMER FLOWERS Step-by-step plan for acrylic colours.

SUMMER LANDSCAPE Step-by-step plan for acrylic colours.

ALBERTA FALL LANDSCAPE Step-by-Step plan for acrylic colours

PAINTING ON CLAY POTS – Step-by-Step plan for acrylic colours

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