Reviews and Comments About Artelier Studios

Here are some of the comments we have received from our post-workshop evaluations.

“Oksana is the best – always pushing me to do my best. Has a great eye and makes good recommendations. She also takes interest in your project which is really important. Gets around to all students as best she can.”

  • comment from evaluation forms

“Shelly was clear, concise and presented at a good pace. She circulated and was communicative. I would recommend her, especially for new people. She does not intimidate in any way.”

“It was not crowded and the instructor had time to circulate and communicate with everyone….A very relaxed atmosphere and and interesting cross section of experience.”

  • comment from evaluation forms

“Seating was well spaced out, model was really excellent, getting a chance to try new paper in the middle was an amazing treat, the music playlist 10/10, the class atmosphere felt nice and easy, and I enjoyed the freedom of being able to use whatever medium was oddly liberating since so many classes are very instructional! Though very quickly in the class I realized I was incredibly rusty and in over my head!! I would definitely enjoy some direction in the near future but then to have this kind of broad, open opportunity to practice again would be an amazing one-two combination!”

  • comments from the Live Figure Drawing on Tuesday Nights

Views of our classroom shows the bright space and elbow room.

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