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Makers Cabinet brings inspiration to everyday objects. Quality, excellence, and perfection are at the core of everything they create.

Makers Cabinet believes that when you want something, you buy it once and cherish it for a lifetime, to be passed on to younger generations.

Caring for your tools starts when the tool is crafted. These tools are meant to be repaired, rather than replaced. This ensures that we move into the future with a built-in right to repair, and the skills to maintain our environment.

Just like works of art, tools can inspire joy in the way they are used, shared, or even created. Creativity is embedded in the way Makers Cabinet designs all of their products.

Makers Cabinet was founded in 2017 by a team of designers, Odin Ardagh, Benjamin Weininger and Noah Bier. The three founders, who met while studying Product Design, were dissatisfied with the disposable and wasteful nature of the stationery market and wanted to change that. It began with a simple idea. Re-imagining the way we sharpen pencils. Since then, they have created original and exciting heirloom quality tools. Elevating the drawing and writing experience to an art form.

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