Makers Cabinet Hovel Leather Sheath


**Hovel Pencil Plane and Wooden Stand sold separately*

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Makers Cabinet Hovel Leather Sheath

Add an extra layer of protection to your Hovel Pencil Plane with this genuine leather Hovel Sheath. Made in Italy from premium Badalassi Carlo Leather, the Høvel sheath securely folds and clasps to provide an extra layer of protection.

About Høvel

Høvel is an entirely reimagined pencil sharpener. The Hovel pencil plane enables you to whittle your pencil perfectly to any desired point. Its unique mechanism also helps to not break the lead of your pencil, unlike the commonly used sharpener, which twists and snaps graphite. Due to its solid brass body, its weight is a joy, and it gains beauty and character with age. Høvel is made of solid machined brass and its blades are made of carefully selected carbon steel. The Hovel is designed to last a lifetime, and the brass will patina with time and use.

Høvel can sharpen almost any pencil. Its unique design allows you to sharpen any shape of pencil, big or small. And better yet, its planing technique means that you can sharpen soft pencils without breaking the core like a typical twist sharpener.

**Hovel Pencil Plane sold separately*

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