Mussini® Oils by Schmincke – The History and Beauty

MUSSINI® represents the finest resin oil paint, based on the old masters’ formulations guarded by Cesare Mussini. Schmincke optimized the formulation using modern techniques, and raw materials, making them both traditional and modern. The character and the quality of MUSSINI® are unique throughout the world and meet the requirements of demanding artists.

Cesare Mussini

Cesare Mussini, famous painter and guardian of the old masters’ formulas (June 9, 1804, Berlin – May 24, 1879, Florence), painted mainly portraits and religious paintings. Mussini’s self-portrait is housed at the Uffizi in Florence, Italy. In 1820 he began his studies at the Academy of Florence; later on, he worked as a professor at this Academy.

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Foundations of the MUSSINI® legacy

The invention of the paint tube saved the old masters’ formulas of resin oil colours, which weren’t suited to long-term storage in traditional leather and hide pouches. Cesare Mussini understood the formulas of resin oil colours and used them for all his works. He sold the formulas to German chemists Hermann Schmincke and Josef Horadam, founders of H. Schmincke & Co. Schmincke and Horadam studied and improved his precious formulas and succeeded in putting these resin oil colours into tubes. Owning these formulas led to the establishment of the Schmincke company and led to the brand name MUSSINI®, the Schmincke line of resin oil colours. These achievements are the foundation of the manufacturer of finest artists’ colours, H. Schmincke & Co., and for the worldwide commercial success of MUSSINI® since 1881.

MUSSINI® oils – traditional and modern

MUSSINI® is the perfect combination of tradition and modern business. The Schmincke lab continuously improves the famous MUSSINI® finest resin oil colours, always taking note of the results of modern research and development.

MUSSINI® is unique throughout the world! Finest pigments, extraordinary brilliance, highest possible light resistance, colours of superior quality – that’s MUSSINI®

All 108 colours of this unique natural resin oil meet artists’ highest requirements. Schmincke uses only the finest artists’ pigments in their highest concentration and purity. However, the real secret is the combination of well-chosen painting oils with the best Indonesian dammar natural resin. The colours’ brilliance and depth (refractive properties) are unique effects of natural resin replacing parts of more common fat oils, which normally tend to yellow. The optimized combination of natural resins and oils has a direct positive effect on the drying properties of MUSSINI®. The increase in volume, resulting from the chemical drying process, which begins on the surface via oxygen uptake, is largely compensated by the solvent content in the dammar solution with evaporates from inside. The balanced drying process provides tension-free and durable colour layers.

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