Schmincke Mussini Oil Colour Videos

If you love colour you will love these beautiful videos about Schmincke Mussini Oil colours. Artist Suzie Morris shares her atmospheric and multi-tonal technique for oil painting. There is some unexpected and wonderful colour mixing suggestions to liven up your palette. The videos are divided by hue so pick your favourite or pick the one you know least about. 

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Learn more about Schmincke Mussini Oil Colours in the videos below:

In the video below, artist Suzie Morris demonstrates the translucency of Schmincke’s MUSSINI 42 paints.

Artist Suzie Morris discusses

Below, is a discussion on Schmincke’s lines of MUSSINI and Norma professional oil paints.

Suzie Morris discusses the power of colour on our emotions below, the beauty and depth that can be created by layering and glazing, as well as the richness available in the MUSSINI and Norma lines of professional oil paint.

Here, artist Suzie Morris explores the range of reds and the depth produced by the quality and intense pigment used in Schmencke Mussini and Norma lines of professional oil paints.

Earth colour pigments are discussed, as well as the advantage of having access to premixed tubes in your palette, despite that, as she says, it’s possible to mix them yourself. She also looks at additives to enhance translucency.

Next is a foray into the world of yellows, one of the first pigments to exist. There are more than 20 yellows in the range of Mussini professional line of oil paints.

Artist Suzie Morris discusses the family of greens in the MUSSINI professional range of oil paints.

The video steps into the world of delicious grays, the various tones that can be used or created to affect the mood, and the uses or reasons to use them.

Black is the new black. Schmincke’s Mussini line of professional oil paints has a range of blacks, and artist Suzie Morris looks at where and why an artist might use them. As with many of these videos, the origins of the colours and materials used to achieve the various pigments.

The final video talks about the gold edition line of professional oil paints.

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