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Ruby Red is a vegan product that is hypoallergenic. It contains no lanolin, parabens, nuts, gluten, animal products, fragrance or latex.

How to Apply Ruby Red Face Paints?

Ruby Red Face Paints are sold in cake-form and are water-activated. When you first open it, you can press your finger slightly into the semi-moist product. In order to use it, you add a few drops of water to the cake with a sponge or brush. With a little mixing, you’ll get a nice, creamy rich colour. Ruby Red Paints are heavy in pigment content and have wax and other binders to hold them together and provide easy application. The professional artist and face painter will love Ruby Red Paints because of their bold colours and smooth Order Nowblending.

Use a sponge applicator to get great paint coverage on the face and then pat with the sponge to get an opaque base on any complexion. Smooth lines and details can be achieved using good artist’s brushes and proper color mixing. The paint will dry to the touch in under a minute and can be worn all day.

How to Remove Ruby Red Face Paints?

Parents want safe products with an easy-on, easy-off application. One drop of shampoo and some water will take off any colour. Ruby Red Paints need friction and water for removal. Unfortunately, one cannot get “bullet-proof” staying power and easy removal in the same product. If a child goes into the hot bouncy house and perspires, the paint will be moisturized, and if the child rubs it, it will smear. Children must be told to not touch their face until it fully re-dries.

Performers using Ruby Red Face Paints will find they smear less than most other face paints. However, these paints will not stain even the lightest skin tones. If using Ruby Red as theatrical paint under hot lights, a barrier spray may be applied over the top. This method allows a person to go into water and not affect the face painting. This is not recommended for children as special removers are required.

Several cruise lines only allow Ruby Red Face Paints on their ships. They want to make sure colour is easy to remove and will not stain towels or linens.

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What Makes Ruby Red the Safest Face Paint?

Be careful, as all brands are not the same. One does not have to look far to hear horror stories about quality issues from factories overseas. You can go to major party stores to find packaging that will boldly say, “Do not use red, orange, yellow, or purple near the eyes. Do not use blue, green, or purple near the lips. Do not use on children under the age of eight.” Ruby Red is built on safety.

All ingredients are purchased in the USA and meet FDA cosmetic guidelines. For more on safety go to Some pigments, as determined by the FDA, should not be used in high percentages on various parts of the body. The quantity levels of those pigments in Ruby Red fall below the need for concern. We advise to not use the paints in the immediate eye area. This is the fleshy moist part of the eye and applies to all colour cosmetic pigments of any brand. Other than that, Ruby Red colours may be used anywhere on the body.

Hospitals, schools and festivals will love Ruby Red Paints because no brand has a safer preservative system. The paraben-free preservatives prevent bacteria growth in the paints and make it safe for use from child to child. The usual paraben ingredients have been replaced with a robust, state-of-the-art preservative system. Because most artists use the same product on multiple children, they really want a good preservative system, which Ruby Red has. The industry trend in cosmetics over the last thirty years has been to remove paraben ingredients as part of the preservative system. Ingredients such as methyl paraben, butyl paraben or propyl paraben should be avoided. Paraben use has been linked to serious health issues (cancer), particularly in women.

Ruby Red Paints come with full testing documentation and a child toy safety rating. They can be used on children of any age. You will find the smaller kits state, “Not to be used on children under the age of three without adult supervision because some parts pose a choking hazard.” That instruction speaks for itself. However, with adult supervision and some common sense, even younger children can have their face painted safely. One should never attempt to paint a child that does not want to be painted. Many children under the age of three are more than capable of sitting still for the painting process. The artist is a big part of this. If she talks to the child and tells him what she will be doing beforehand and what she is doing as she paints, it calms the child, and he is more likely to sit still.

Ruby Red literally sets the new standard for safety in face paints, and that can be seen by the ingredients used and the steps taken to offer a child-safe, family-friendly product. PhD cosmetic chemists developed the Ruby Red brand. Most other brands have a beeswax or paraffin base. Ruby Red avoids beeswax as this can significantly increase the risk of an allergic reaction. The term “hypoallergenic” is a marketing term applied to cosmetics. It means that when you use the product as intended, it is highly unlikely that an allergic reaction will occur. While NO BRAND can claim that it will never cause a reaction, the makers of Ruby Red have done everything possible to minimize risk.

One should be particularly careful about neon or dayglow colours. Most brands do not use FDA compliant pigments in their dayglow colours and should be avoided. Ruby Red Paints only use ingredients that are fully compliant for use in the cosmetic industry.

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If you are an animal lover you will love the fact that no animal products, such as lanolin, are used in the formulation and products are not tested on animals. Lanolin is also a known allergen. Ruby Red is truly a vegan brand.

How Can I Test for an Allergy Reactions?

Even for the most sensitive, Ruby Red should be the brand of choice for face painting. We know of no allergic reactions to Ruby Red products. It is important to know that ALL COSMETICS on rare occasion can cause an allergic reaction. If a child has serious allergic reaction issues, we suggest a patch test on the sensitive skin on the inside of the elbow. Paint a one by two inch stripe on the inside of the elbow and allow it to stay there for thirty minutes. Remove it with only water and a wash cloth. If there is no reaction, you should be able to safely use the product and test it on a larger area.

How Do Ruby Red Face Paints Compare to Other Major Brands?Order Now

Ruby Red Paints in general are bolder on the skin as the coloured pigment content is noticeably higher that other brands. No matter what colour you use, you should get great coverage on the lightest or darkest complexion. For example, Ruby Red black is as dark and bold as any on the market. The difference is that Ruby Red black does not stain the skin. If you look at the brands Snazaroo, Grimas, Kryolan or Paradise, our texture and application is closest to Paradise with a slightly creamier consistency compared to the harder formulations.

Many other major face paint brands use lanolin, which comes from sheep. The use of lanolin can increase the risk of an allergic reaction. Ruby Red replaced it with non-animal ingredients that allow face paints to be soft and flexible (non-cracking) on the skin.

Breakage will not be an issue with Ruby Red containers. Other major brands use styrene in their packaging which becomes brittle over time. Ruby Red containers are made from polypropylene, the industry standard for foods and cosmetic packaging. The polypropylene packaging is flexible, offers an air tight closure, and is virtually impossible to break.

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Who is behind the brand of Ruby Red Face Paints?

Gary Cole is the founder and owner of Ruby Red Paints. He has over forty years’ experience in the cosmetic and face paint industry from his roots at Mary Kay Cosmetics to Ruby Red Paints. He is an accomplished face painter himself and has trained staff from major theme parks, zoos, aquariums and trained more beginner face painters than just about anyone in the world. He is also a Guinness Book record holder for being the fastest face painter in the world.

The ruby red grapefruit is the state fruit of Texas. The grapefruit logo is easily identified and projects an image that is yummy and fun. Order Now

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