5 Reasons to Take Art Classes

What’s your resolution for the New Year? Is it to make time for yourself and find your creativity? Start with us. We can relate to the many reasons for procrastinating, but would rather offer reasons to get going. So let’s share 5 great reasons to take art classes.

Why start art at The Paint Spot’s Artelier Studios?

It is time to create.

It’s called edutainment – part education and part entertainment. It’s not intimidating – it is just a day of experimenting. Book a workshop now and set a date to get started. Our 4-week class series is just right. Not too big a commitment, just long enough to gain a lot of information. You can make something good, yet the time goes by quickly enough to keep things fresh.  A 1-day workshop is a day just for you and your muse. How about an entire weekend to make art? Whatever you prefer and works with your schedule, we have a course for you.

It is space to create

Don’t have enough room to dedicate space for art making? Come use our Studio space for a few hours to reawaken your inner artist. Did you know Wednesdays from 10 am – 6 pm are open for anyone to come and paint with others?  The cost is only $5. We provide tables, chairs, paper towels, water containers, coffee, and tea. You bring your supplies and your art. Staff is available to critique or share tips and product knowledge. Plus, we offer a few surprise products you can sample each week.

Get the most from your materials

The New Year offers the opportunity to organize your materials and put them to use. Learning new techniques for basic materials is the surest way to save money and get motivated. Sometimes beginners buy a product but then forget how to use it. Bring it to us. We can answer your questions.

Do you need more reasons to take art classes? Try something new

“What’s new?” It is a question we hear often. Artists are also seeking something new. We can tell you and show you but the best way is to experiment for yourself. There is nothing like hands-on experience to get the creativity flowing again. You may notice some courses have a ‘supply fee’. This is a small investment allocated for materials shared by participants. You need not buy everything. Why buy a jar of gel you may not use? Instead, you can try 3 gels and some new colours to help you decide what you really need. Similarly, why buy all the printmaking supplies upfront? Try some printmaking here first and see if you like it. Our supply fee means you spend less time shopping for items on a supply list.

Learn from other artists

Our instructors are selected for their experience and talent as much as their willingness to help others succeed. All of them have earned a 95% approval rating on post-workshop surveys. In a class setting, you learn not only from the teacher but also from your classmates. Making art need not be a solitary activity. Inner voices make harsh critics while the camaraderie and support of peers can be objective and educational. Bring a friend and meet other like-minded artists.

View Art Classes at The Paint Spot

More Art Classes in Edmonton and the greater Edmonton Area 
(Remember to bring your course receipt or supply list to The Paint Spot to qualify for a student discount.)

Do you offer workshops in Northern Alberta? Please let us know. We’ll add your website to the list!

Kim Fjordbotten (January 2014) As the owner of The Paint Spot, Kim Fjordbotten is passionate about helping artists use materials and make art. She is available as a speaker and educator for teachers and art associations.

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