Schmincke Masking Fluid Frisket


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Schmincke Masking Fluid Frisket

Schmincke Masking Fluid and Liquid Frisket contain a synthetic ammonia-free binder. They are odourless, in contrast to the natural latex emulsions often used for this purpose. Available in clear, or blue, this masking fluid is our most recommended watercolor resist.

Masking fluid or Frisket is used to protect the white of the paper in watercolor painting. The rubbery liquid is painted on the areas to remain white. This mask is left to dry and then a watercolour painting is completed over top of it. After the painting is dry, the masking is rubbed off to reveal untouched, white paper. This is useful for create white lines, and fine white details behind smoothly rendered washes. Masking can also create crisp edges in contrast with wet into wet techniques.

Choose Your Colour

Schmincke offers a colourless masking fluid as well as one tinted with blue colouring. The Colourless version appears white, but will dry clear. It is sometimes hard to see where you have painted your design if the masking is clear. Thus, the blue masking fluid makes the masked areas highly visible. Always be sure to test first. On some papers the blue may stain, especially on rough watercolor paper.

Choose Your Container:

Schmincke has several container styles to suit your techniques:

The MASKING PEN (25ml tube, 100 ml tube) allows to cover up small details because of its practical design: a plastic bottle with a fine tip. You can apply the product directly on the support with the masking pen´s fine tip. The applicator tip of the masking fluid is most easily cleaned when dry using a needle.

HINT: If the tip of the masking pen is too “coarse”, you can of course always reduce the size of the orifice using a fine metal nozzle. The orifice may not be shortened or cut because the cap will not refit properly.

LIQUID FRISKET (glass jars 20ml and 100ml and plastic squeeze bottle 250ml). The liquid can be applied from the jar by using a cotton bud, ruling pen, glass pen, wooden stick, calligraphy nib or a quill.

Tips for Using Masking Fluid

Schmincke Masking Fluid and Liquid Frisket are ready to use and dry very quickly into a rubbery-type transparent film that does not dissolve in water. For this reason, all working equipment should be cleaned immediately using soapy water. We urgently advise you against using expensive paintbrushes.

The product may be diluted with water, but it dries very quickly into a rubbery-type transparent film that does not dissolve in water.  Close the top tightly as soon as possible after use.

Masking fluids and Liquid friskets are used on relatively smooth, non-greasy and dry supports like, for example, smooth illustration board, watercolour paper, photos and films to cover up the parts of a picture that are not to be painted over various applications. Very soft, weakly sized, textured paper types like e.g. rag paper or torchon paper are not suitable for masking techniques.

In the case of all masking fluids: shake well before use and close the top tightly as soon as possible after use. Protect against frost. The masking film should not be left on the support for longer than two days and must be completely removed; otherwise there is a risk of yellowing of the support!

After the masking fluid is completely dry, which can take between a few minutes and more than an hour depending on the thickness of the coat, the masked picture areas can be painted over with watercolours, gouache, airbrush colours, and even acrylic ink. After this coat of paint has dried properly as well, the dried rubbery film of the masking fluid can be removed by careful rubbing with a rubber cement eraser or a dry and non-greasy finger (please do not pull off!).

Schmincke Masking Fluid Frisket


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Blue 100 ml glass jar, Blue 20 ml glass jar, Blue 250 ml plastic jar, Blue Applicator Tip 100 ml, Blue Applicator Tip 25 ml, Clear 100 ml glass jar, Clear 20 ml glass jar, Clear 250 ml plastic jar, Clear Applicator Tip 25 ml, White Applicator Tip 100 ml

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