Schmincke Aquadrop Lightfast Liquid Watercolours 30 ml


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Schmincke Aqua Drop – Finest liquid watercolours, Series 24

The well balanced colour palette of Schmincke Aqua Drop, with 13 single pigment shades, has only one price group. All colours come in practical 30 ml plastic pipette bottles, with a ball to shake up the colour. They are liquid, pigment based, highly lightfast, water-soluble, ready-to-use as well as water-thinnable watercolour.

  • 24 colours in a 30 ml plastic pipette bottle with a ball to shake up
  • Ideal for watercolour painting, urban sketching, calligraphy, hand lettering, airbrush (from 0,15mm)
  • 24 cadmium-free, transparent colours + 1 Opaque White + 1 AQUA DROP LINER with brush tip
  • Highest lightfastness: All colours with 4 or 5 stars lightfastness

The Aqua Drop assortment contains luscious jewel toned colours such as jade green, amethyst violet as well as amber. All AQUA DROP colours are compatible with all watercolours such as HORADAM watercolours and AKADEMIE watercolours. There is also an additional Opaque White for AQUA DROP. Use it pure as an opaque white, or mixed with AQUA DROP colours for lightening, to be used with brush or nib.

Note on paper or substrate:

AQUA DROP is a watercolour, therefore it is suitable for all watercolour papers and pre-primed canvas. For an even application with the AQUA DROP LINER we recommend smooth, hot pressed paper. Basically, the purer the colour applied and the more absorbent the substrate is, the stronger the pigments are anchored to the substrate. We recommend individual pre-tests.

The fillable AQUA DROP LINER with brush tip can be used for various painting and writing techniques. The liner may be used with all AQUA DROP colours, except Opaque White or colours mixed with Opaque White. Shake before use!

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Schmincke Aqua drop color chart


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200 Lemon Yellow, 240 Indian Yellow, 250 Brilliant Orange, 320 Vermilion Red, 330 Scarlet Red, 340 Madder Red, 360 Ruby Red, 380 Magenta, 390 Purple, 400 Amethyst Violet, 430 Ink Blue, 440 Sapphire Blue, 460 Indigo Blue, 480 Cyan Blue, 500 Emerald Green, 550 Jade Green, 570 Olive Green, 580 May Green, 620 Amber, 640 Burnt Sienna, 660 Burnt Umber, 680 Sepia, 720 Neutral Grey, 750 Opaque White, 780 Deep Black

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