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Schmincke Finest Calligraphy Gouache 20ml




Schmincke Finest artists’ calligraphy gouache, series 27

  • Colour specially developed for calligraphy
  • Brilliant and largely opaque
  • Ideal consistency for calligraphy
  • 12 colours including gold pearl and silver in tubes of 20 ml
  • Available as a set (Article No. 72028) and separately

The finest artists’ Calligraphy Gouache is a specially developed colour for calligraphy. The colours in this range are brilliant and largely opaque, and their consistency is ideal for a wide variety of application forms in calligraphy. Calligraphy Gouache contains 12 colours including gold pearl and silver in tubes of 20 ml, and is available in both an assortment set (72028) and separately

What is Gouache?

Compared to watercolours, gouache colours are opaque watercolours and are among the oldest cultural colours in the world. After drying, all gouache colours can be rewetted with water and still used on absorbent and non-absorbent painting grounds, such as paper, card, canvas, etc. The particular attraction of gouache is the surface effect. The light depth that appears transparent when wet, smooths when it is dry into a surface that is similar to the effect of a pastel painting.  Read our blog post on Top 10 Reasons to Love Gouache

Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache Brochure




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101 SUPRA Opaque White, 210 Lemon Yellow, 211 Cadmium Yellow Hue Light, 320 Vermilion Red, 321 Madder Red, 430 Ultramarine Deep Blue, 431 Paris Blue, 540 Chromium Oxide Green, 650 Burnt Sienna, 761 Jet Black, 869 Silver Glimmer, 870 G Gold Pearl

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