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Stoneground Pearlescent Palette – Large

The Stoneground Large Pearlescent Watercolour Set is ideal for adding special effects to traditional watercolour painting, for hand-lettering or calligraphy applications, as well as illustration. Stoneground’s pearlescent watercolours are made from lightfast and permanent mica-based pigments. They create beautiful shimmering pearlescent effects when applied to paper.

Use this collection to accent traditional landscape paintings, such as light reflecting off of water or snow, or to highlight the frost on winter tree branches. When applied to wildlife, this palette can capture the iridescent beauty of peacock feathers, dragonflies, scarab beetles, as well as the scales of reptiles, amphibians, and fish. These colours mix together beautifully to create a rainbow of shimmering colour, and can easily be added to any other Stoneground watercolour paint.

The Stoneground Paint Co. crafts their watercolours by combining finely ground pigment with a binder of water, gum arabic, as well as honey. Watercolour is a noted for its transparency and the wide range of effects which can be achieved with its use. A range of pigments from modern to mineral, traditional to pearlescent, are used in the creation of their handmade paint. As a result, Stoneground offers watercolour artists an array of vibrant colours to choose from.

Stoneground’s Pearlescent Palette contains fourteen half pans of handmade watercolour paint in a hinged metal tin. Measuring approximately 2 1/2” x 4”, this compact size is ideal for travel and plein air painting.

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Large Pearlescent Watercolour Set Includes:

large pearlescent palettelarge pearlescent watercolour set


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