Stoneground Watercolour & Gouache

Stoneground Watercolour & Gouache

Inspired by nature and made by hand, Stoneground Paint Co. crafts their watercolor and gouache paint in small batches the traditional way, by hand. This results in the quality and vivid reflective nature of handmade paints.

Stoneground’s traditional approach to paint making, without the use of fillers, extenders, or preservatives, results in bright, clear colours with beautiful luminosity and depth. The use of single pigments leaves colour mixing in the hand of the artist, also helping to avoid muddy colours. Stoneground Watercolours curated palette sets are designed to inspire creative use of colour. This allows artists to confidently experiment with a variety of pigments as well as the unique properties of each pigment.

Why Single Pigment?

Stoneground Watercolours are single pigment paints. This helps artists learn colour theory and colour mixing techniques, eliminating the frustration of muddy colours as well as paintings that seem dull in appearance.

Why Honey?

The Stoneground Paint binder contains gum arabic and honey sourced from local beekeepers in the Canadian Prairies. Because Honey is one of nature’s best preservatives, Stoneground can create watercolour paint with neither unnecessary filler nor additives. This results in more luminous and powerful colors, as well as smooth paint application every time.

Why Handmade?

Handmade paint is unique, in that the process is comparatively labor-intensive and each pan is poured over several weeks. The paint makers at Stoneground combine ingredients with a glass muller on a stone slab. This ensures the even distribution of pigment particles throughout the paint binder. Colours are chosen from a rainbow of the world’s most luminous hues, and every pan of Stoneground watercolour is loaded with pigment.

Handmade in Canada.

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