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Stoneground Earth Palette – Small

Stoneground’s Earth Watercolor Palette was inspired by coastal landscapes and atmospheric skies. This collection of colour gives an aged, vintage look to sketches and studies, while creating a variety of interesting colour combinations. Our Earth Palette is a great compliment to existing Stoneground collections, and works beautifully for landscape, still life, illustration, and botanical subject matter.

The small Stoneground Earth Watercolor Palette contains six half pans of Stoneground handmade watercolour paint in a hinged metal tin. Measuring approximately 2 1/2” x 2”, this compact size is ideal for travel and plein air painting.

Colours Included:

  • Golden Ochre (PY 43)
  • Caput Mortuum (PR 101)
  • Mayan Indigo Blue (P N/A)
  • Mayan Green Deep (P N/A)
  • Chromium Oxide Green (PG 17)
  • Titanium Buff (PW 6:1)

Also available in a large 12 Earth set or in a small set designed specifically for painting Canadian Prairie Landscapes.

handmade earth watercolor setstoneground earth palette

Traditional Colours

The pigments used in the creation of Stoneground Traditional Colours are ones that have been used by artists for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands, of years.  These are primarily inorganic pigments such as iron oxides, green earths, and the popular umber and sienna pigments of the Renaissance.  Also included are modern interpretations of traditional pigments such as Zinc and Titanium White, which replace toxic Lead White. Additionally, Mayan pigments are modern versions of lightfast and permanent pigments used in Central and South America hundreds of years ago.

Modern Series

Stoneground modern colours consist of pigments developed after 1704 with the accidental discovery of Prussian Blue. The development of synthetic pigments have given artists a veritable rainbow of to choose from. Also, all of the modern colours in Stoneground’s line-up are lightfast, permanent, and non-toxic.

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