SG021 Prussian Blue


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The first modern synthetic pigment, Prussian Blue became the first stable and lightfast blue pigment to be widely used in oil and watercolour paint in the 18th century.  Prussian Blue quickly proved to be more stable then copper-based blues (like Azurite), more versatile than Indigo, and more affordable than Lapis Lazuli, winning a place in the hearts of artists everywhere. Prussian Blue is a dark valued, blue hue with a granular quality.

  • Available in half pan, and full pan formats

  • Prussian Blue is also available in the following Stoneground palettes;

    • Cool Botanical Palette

    • Night Garden Palette (Small and Large)

    • Large Botanical Palette

    • Large Calligraphy Palette

  • Lightfast

  • Permanent

  • Non Toxic

  • Semi Staining

  • Semi Granular

  • Semi Transparent

  • Pigment Number: PB27

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