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Stoneground Paint Co. Night Garden Watercolor Palette

Stoneground’s Night Garden Palette is a collection of modern, traditional, and mineral colours inspired by our love of all things botanical. Truly a study in contrasts, this palette creates a range of bright, vibrant, electric colours. Also, it can create dramatic darks evoking Dutch still life paintings from the 17th century.

For traditionally inspired watercolours, create an underpainting with the mineral pigment Vivianite, glazing over with transparent hues like Gamboge and Cobalt Aquamarine for vivid greens. Additionally, blend Indanthrone Blue and Pozzuoli Earth Red to create intense darks with depth. Blend striking, muted pastels perfect for capturing blossoms in a cottage garden. Also, layer the jewel-toned hues Gamboge and Quinacridone Magenta for burnt oranges that would be at home in a moody floral.

The Stoneground Paint Co. crafts their watercolours by combining finely ground pigment with a binder of water, gum arabic, as well as honey. Watercolour is a medium noted for its transparency and the wide range of effects which can be achieved with its use. A range of pigments from modern to mineral, traditional to pearlescent, are used in the creation of their handmade paint. As a result, Stoneground offers watercolour artists an array of vibrant colours to choose from.

The Large Night Garden Palette contains fourteen half pans of our handmade watercolour paint in a hinged metal tin. Measuring approximately 2 1/2” x 4”, this compact size is ideal for travel and plein air painting.  The Night Garden Palette is also available in a smaller set of 6 pans.

Colours Included:

  • Titanium Buff (PW 6:1)
  • Gamboge (PY 150)
  • Pozzuoli Earth Red (PR 102)
  • Transparent Earth Red (PR 101)
  • Mayan Red (P N/A)
  • Scarlet (PR 112)
  • Quinacridone Magenta (PR 122)
  • Manganese Violet (PV 16)
  • Indanthrone Blue (PB 60)
  • Prussian Blue (PB 27)
  • Cobalt Aquamarine (PB 36)
  • Hooker’s Green (PG 7)
  • Roman Black (PBk 11)
  • Vivianite (P N/A)

large night garden palette

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