Top 10 Uses for a Gift Card


Besides scraping ice off car windows, a little plastic gift card is handy and can be used for many art applications such as…

  1. a carving tool for wax and encaustics
  2. a scraping blade to remove paint from a palette
  3.  a palette knife to trowel paint for abstract art
  4. a glue spreader
  5. a squeegee to push gels through a stencil
  6. a clay tool for working air-dry or polymer clays
  7. a bone folder for  creasing and folding  paper for bookbinding and origami
  8. a tool for applying primer to canvas
  9.  a burnisher or mark-making tool for printmaking
  10. Of course , the number one use is…to shop for art supplies at The Paint Spot!

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