ACK: Todd Safronovich & Kathy Bateman

ACK (Art Craft Kitsch) in the Naess Gallery at The Paint Spot 10032 81 Avenue

Runs from October 6 – November 21, 2022

The video includes the exhibition, a trip to the studio, and an ‘Art Talk’ with Todd Safronovich and Kathy Bateman

Artist’s Statement 2022 – ACK

“For “ACK”, we wanted to play around with some of the differences associated with ‘Art’, ‘Craft’ and ‘Kitsch’. For example, if you remove the functionality of a piece (by placing a cloche over it) has it moved from being craft to art? Could you elevate the display shelves so that they are part of the ‘art’? And at what point does something move from being ‘art’ or ‘craft’ into being ‘kitsch’ (or when have we gone too far? and, more importantly, is too far a bad thing or a fun thing?)?”

An example of uplifting ordinary object from craft to art.

They borrow ideas from other crafts, like quilting, elevating bits and pieces that are often discarded. “We kept offcuts and salvaged leftover bits and included those ‘scraps’ as decorative elements in the final pieces.”

“We also wanted to highlight a few of the steps involved in creating glass-blown objects.” Some steps are captured in photographs and incorporated into their pieces.


Originally interested in pursuing a career in furniture design, Todd attended the School of Crafts and Design at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. His introduction to glass started at college. After graduating from the school’s glass program in 1997 he returned to Alberta and worked in several studios throughout the province as well as in British Columbia and Colorado. His work is frequently inspired by the compatibility of glass with different media and materials.

Kathy also attended the School of Crafts and Design at Sheridan College. Her interest is in upcycling and finding ways to use discarded bits in new ways. Todd and Kathy built their studio in 2011, where they currently enjoy creating mostly functional craft glassware (and sometimes art and sometimes kitsch).

We would like to thank our photographer Sarah Bourque as well as Carlos Cruz, Irina Demko, Jill Allen, and the Paint Spot Crew for all of their help!

Naess Gallery

10032 81 Avenue | Phone: 780 432 0240 | Email: accounts (at)

Named for Sidsel Naess Bradley, The Paint Spot’s founder. who recognized the need for spaces that promote the exploration of artistic ideas and innovative processes. We are extremely proud of this heritage and its contribution to the development of many artists. Naess Gallery continues to be inclusive, encouraging dialogue among artists and visitors. We welcome proposals for exhibitions that push materials, techniques, subject matter, and conceptions.

In planning the Exhibition Year, we will be inviting artists whose practices we admire to exhibit their new works. It will be a year to revisit artists who have shown in the Naess Gallery in the past and to reveal new artists as well. We are going to see an exciting and enriching program of shows! If you have questions about the Naess Gallery or its exhibition program, please ask Kim Fjordbotten phone 780 432 0240.

See what’s new at the Naess Gallery, or be inspired by past artist talks.

Previous Exhibition – Nicole Gallelis

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