Laura Rezko

Laura Rezko: “What is the Handspeed Velocity of an Unladed Portraitist?”

An expansion of the 2021 100 Day Project, “The Rapid Fire Rapid Portraits” by Laura Rezko. (#100rapidfirerapidportraits).

Laura takes on a visual adventure of improv, contour drawing, and great tips for #100dayprojects.

Laura Rezko: Artist Statement

When I chose the drawing time for the portraits of my 100 Day Project, I selected 3 minutes as a challenge to improve my fast-drawing skills. It also honoured the improv theme of the show, as a 3-minute scene is a common time limit for many improv games. As my confidence and skill improved with this challenge, I thought about taking it further with speed drawing. A year and a half later I had the opportunity to do so.

A sample of works from artist Laura Rezko's 100 Day Project

“Half Life” is an improv game that starts out with a (roughly) 3-minute open scene, which is then performed two more times, with the time decreasing by half each time. It was the perfect way to further honour the improv theme and expand my speed drawing skills. The 3-minute time limit of my original challenge seemed positively luxurious as I was trying to complete portraits in 90 seconds and blind contour portraits in 45 seconds. Like the game this show is based on, the individual pictures become more interesting when taken together.

Speed drawing portraits beside photographs of subjects

Laura Rezko: Artist Biography

Laura Rezko is a cartoonist, improviser, and sometimes puppeteer. She constantly needs to remind herself that she can do two of these things at the same time reasonably well, but not three.

Follow her on Instagram: @nobodylikesasurlysue as she starts her next #100dayproject.

A meme from Laura Rezko's Instagram account

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