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Handmade Costumes Are The Best

Top Seven List: “Most Requested Art Products for Halloween!”

Halloween ideas are plentiful on social media. So grab your favourite idea and visit The Paint Spot. Here are some popular items to help you put the finishing touches on your costume. We can help make it happen. Crazy ideas welcome.

1 Glow in the Dark Paint is Phosphorescent Acrylic Gel  The paint is charged by sunlight and then glows in the dark. Ghosts, skulls, mad scientists, aliens, dead celebrities, and evil cosplay are costumes that all benefit from glowing in the dark.Glow in the Dark Paing

2 Fluorescent Paints glow under black light. We even have Invisible Glow-Under-Black-Light Face Paints in yellow, green, blue and purple. Costume ideas are similar to the above and also include Festival Performers, Glow-Ravers, and Cirque de Halloween.

Black Light

3 Face & Body Paints – We have Ruby Red Face and Body Paints. They are easy-to-use, easy-to-remove, hypoallergenic, vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free with long lasting colour.  Read more about it and watch these videos for application tips. Monsters, ogres, fantasy creatures or the entire zoo! Safe for all ages.

Check out our Two Face Challenge Contest.

Ruby Red UV Paints for Face and Body

4 Plaster BandagesPlaster Gauze can be put over mesh and cardboard to add rigidity and create hollow structure for bulky costumes. You can even make your own body cast!
Build masks, exaggerated appendages, props or authentic “fake casts”.

5 Face Mask Forms – Plaster and latex should NOT be used directly on skin. It is better to build your face parts on these Plastic Faces. Most of us think they are pretty creepy just on their own 🙂

Face Mask

6 Metallic Gold, Silver and Copper are available in both water-soluble Tempera Paints and durable Acrylic Paints. New! We just received some wonderful metallic Gilder’s Paste Wax. Just a dust of this metallic wax can turn any surface into authentic looking metal. (This paint can also be used to touch up picture frames, eye glasses and other metallic surfaces). It is best to visit our shop to see the demonstration. But the image below is pretty too.
Load up on all your armor, steampunk, sci-fi, and heavy metal metallics.



7 Textile Paint and Markers for adding lettering and details to clothing for quick affordable transformations.




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