Stoneground Fluorescent “Go With The Glow” Gouache Palette


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New Stoneground Paint Co. Gouache

Stoneground’s New Fluorescent Gouache Palette ‘Go With The Glow’ features 6 neon gouache hues that are sure to bring a vibrant twist to any painting. These radiant colours glow intensely on white paper and can easily be mixed with other water-media such as Stoneground Watercolours.

Colours Included:

  • Krypton Yellow
  • Hydrogen Red
  • Radiant Magenta
  • Ultra Violet
  • Argon Blue
  • Photon Green

neon Fluorescent Gouache

Stoneground’s Fluorescent Gouache Colours offer intense neon hues, perfect for capturing special effects in gouache or watercolour painting. These colours offer the greatest intensity when used on white paper. Note: Fluorescent pigments are not lightfast and therefore will eventually lose their intensity.

Stoneground Paint Co. creates its handmade gouache by combining the world’s finest pigments and premium French chalk with a binder made from water, gum arabic, and wildflower honey. Gouache differs from watercolour in that it is opaque, while watercolour is noted for its transparency. Gouache is often used over watercolour to create highlights, and is also noted for its matte finish.

A full range of handmade Gouache paint will be available Fall 2022!

Artist’s Notes:

Fluorescent gouache colours offer the greatest intensity when used on white paper. Artists wishing to use fluorescents on black paper should paint the areas they want to fluoresce with white first to brighten the appearance of the paint on dark paper. Some of these colours glow under black light, a fun feature allowing for surprise elements in paintings.

Transparency: Transparent

Staining: Non-Staining

Granularity: Non-Granular

Pigment Type: Fluorescent dye fixed onto an inert base

Lightfastness*: Fluorescent paint is not lightfast, and these vibrant colours will eventually lose their intensity and become more muted over time. Stoneground fluorescent gouache can be combined with all other Stoneground paint, however artists should be mindful that they will change in mixtures over time.

Toxicity: Non-Toxic

Fluorescent Gouache

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