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Stoneground Hooker’s Green Watercolour

Stoneground Hooker’s Green is the perfect compliment for botanical, landscape, still life, and illustration work. This deep green is named for an English botanical artist, William Hooker. By combining Prussian Blue and Gamboge, Hooker created a green vibrant enough for his botanical paintings, and one that would be named in his honour with the advent of synthetic pigments.

Hooker’s Green is available in the following Stoneground Palettes:


  • Available in half pans

  • Lightfast

  • Permanent

  • Non Toxic

  • Semi Staining

  • Semi Granular

  • Pigment Number: PG8

  • Semi Transparent

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About Stoneground Paint Co.

Inspired by nature and made by hand, Stoneground crafts their paint in small batches the traditional way. This assures the quality and vivid reflective nature of handmade paint. They combine the world’s finest pigments with a binder made only of locally sourced organic honey, and the world’s finest Gum Arabic. Foregoing the use of fillers, and extenders, as well as preservatives, which muddy and dull paint unnecessarily.

Historically, artists had a deep understanding of their art supplies, often sourcing their own pigments, as well as making their own paints. Their binders were made by hand, and their pigments sought out based on effects, properties, or rarity. Their artwork was only as good as the supplies they created for themselves.

The Stoneground Paint Co., is passionate about re-establishing the lost connection between artists and their supplies.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Stoneground Paint Co.’s Instagram here.

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