Schmincke Oil Print Medium for Intaglio / Relief


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Schmincke Print Medium for oil paints – for high/low pressure intaglio and relief printmaking

Auxiliary medium for oil and resin oil paints. It allows printing with oil and resin inks for letterpress as well as intaglio relief printmaking. It has a honey-like consistency, enhances transparency and, depending on the amount used, increases gloss.


    • Mixing ratio with oil paints is approx. 1:1
    • This product is ready to use and can be added directly to undiluted oil paint. However, the product can be diluted with, for example, turpentine substitute
    • Can also be mixed with some oil-based inks (test compatibility first)
    • Clean tools immediately after use
    • Close the container immediately after use
    • Store cool and dry
    • Individual pre-tests are recommended

Size:  120 ml

Ingredients:  stand oil, linseed oil, dammar resin.

*Materials such as cleaning rags, paper towels and protective clothing soiled with this product may spontaneously ignite a few hours later.*


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