Schmincke Mussini Oil Cobalt Violet 15ml Special Edition


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MUSSINI® Finest artists’ resin oil colour

Schmincke Mussini Finest Artists Resin oil color Cobalt violet, available here as a special shade in a limited edition. Mussini Oil Cobalt Violet 15 ml tube in a single package.

Cobalt violet, once part of the MUSSINI® range, returns for a short time as a limited edition colour in a 15 ml tube. It is a very pure, reddish violet, with precious, genuine cobalt pigment, semi-opaque and of highest lightfastness.


Schmincke Mussini oil Cobalt Violet

Schmincke Mussini Artist Oils, developed from a precious and secretly guarded recipe passed to Schmincke in 1881 from Florentine Professor Caesare Mussini, use the Old Masters’ knowledge and experience with traditional resin-oil colours.

Whereas most oil colours use only fat oils as binders, Mussini Oil Colours replace excess oils with natural resins (Dammar) in solution. The result is a tension-free and balanced inside/outside drying process which reduces aging and long term cracking. Because of the refraction from resins dispersed throughout the dried colour layers, paintings produced using Mussini colour exhibit an uncommon brilliance and luster.

The Schmincke Mussini range is comprised of 102 colour tones, with 64 single pigment tones allowing pure mixtures. Deserving of special mention are the 42 exquisite translucent and semi-translucent tones. Unusually dark tones such as Atrament, Dove and Sfumato, together with tones such a Cobalt Turquoise, Byzantine Blue, Caesar Purple, Florentine Red, Yellowish Green Ural or Medieval Yellow ably demonstrate the special fascination of the unique resin-oils.

Features of Schmincke Mussini Oil Paints: incomparable premium quality; made with exclusive formula based on patented recipes of the old masters; best artist pigments in the highest concentration; highest possible lightfastness; 102 brilliant colours included 42 precious transparent colours; durable, tension-free drying eliminates cracking; individual binder composition; a colour-accurate, informative booklet is available.

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