Amsterdam Standard Acrylic 90 Set


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Amsterdam Standard Acrylic 90 Set

This Amsterdam Standard Acrylic 90 Set provides a huge color palette and a great selection of colors to choose from. The 90 x 20 ml tubes of Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylics are made with high quality pigments and 100% acrylic emulsion. This medium viscosity paint provides nice brush strokes and texture, but can also cover large areas with a smooth color.

Your choice for acrylic color in affordable starter sets. The Amsterdam Standard Series gives you the broadest range of brilliant, pure colors, all skillfully made with a 100% acrylic emulsion and high grade pigments. Enjoy great lightfastness, and excellent adhesion on canvas and walls, or use it on almost any other surface that you like. This acrylic paint has a thick consistency, excellent lightfastness and an exceptionally durable paint film. This paint is Alkali resistant and suitable for painting on many types of surface. It is also ideal for murals and wall paintings.


  • Value priced and easy to use, making them an excellent choice for the beginning or intermediate artist
  • Mix paint with water or acrylic gels or mediums
  • Clean up requires only soap and water
  • Their thick consistency is perfect for textured effects
  • They are quick drying and non-toxic, so they are perfect for use in the classroom
  • Thin paint easily with water
  • Made from pure, non-fading pigments
  • Original color can last for decades
  • Also available individually here

Amsterdam 90 set

Set includes 20ml tubes:

Colors include Zinc White, Titan White, Naples Yellow Light, Naples Yellow Deep, Naples Yellow Red, Yellow Ochre, Gold Ochre, Raw Sienna, Greenish Yellow, Gold Yellow, Reflex Yellow, Reflex Orange, Azo Yellow Lemon, Azo Yellow Light, Azo Yellow Medium, Azo Yellow Deep, Transparent Yellow Medium, Nickel Titanium Yellow, Primary Yellow, Azo Orange, Naples Yellow Green, Titanium Buff Light, Titanium Buff Deep, Naples Yellow Red Light, Vermillion, Pyrrole Red, Venetian Red, Transparent Red Medium, Carmine, Persian Rose, Caput Mortum Violet, Permanent Red Purple, Light Rose, Quinacridone Rose, Primary Magenta, Reflex Rose, Quinacridone Rose Light, Naphthol Red Medium, Naphthol Red Light, Naphthol Red Deep, Vandyke Brown, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, Ultramarine Violet, Cobalt Blue Ultramarine, King’s Blue, Ultramarine Violet Light, Sky Blue Light, Greenish Blue, Greyish Blue, Brilliant Blue, Prussian Blue Phthalo, Permanent Red Violet, Permanent Blue Violet, Phthalo Blue, Primary Cyan, Permanent Red Violet Light, Manganese Blue Phthalo, Brilliant Green, Emerald Green, Yellow Green, Permanent Green Light, Permanent Green Deep, Olive Green Light, Olive Green Deep, Sap Green, Turquoise Green, Reflex Green, Phthalo Green, Lamp Black, Payne’s Grey, Neutral Grey, Warm Grey, and Oxide Black. Specialty colors: Silver, Light Gold, Deep Gold, Copper, Bronze, Pewter, Pearl White, Pearl Yellow, Pearl Red, Pearl Blue, Pearl Violet, Pearl Green, and Graphite.

Keep our planet clean!

The trays in all Amsterdam sets are made of 100% recycled plastic and the cardboard packaging is partially made of recycled cardboard. The packaging is 100% recyclable. Help us keep our planet clean and be sure to dispose of packaging in the correct recycling bins.

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