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Speedball Super Black Pen & Ink Set

The Speedball Super Black India Ink Pen & Ink Set features their popular Super Black India Ink as well as a #102 Crowquill pen holder and nib. This pen set is great for drawing, sketching and cartooning. It combines the popular No. 102 Crow Quill Pen and holder with a 12 ml bottle of Speedball Super Black India ink. The pointed nib is super fine and flexible, ideal for details.

Speedball Super Black India Ink is free-flowing, non-clogging, waterproof and permanent, as well as lightfast. It will not fade! India Ink may be applied by brush or dip pen, and is acid free. Also, many artists and calligraphers often use found or homemade tools for mark-making with this ink. Paint on dry paper for controlled lines, or work on wet paper for free-flowing forms.

For all types of sketching and drafting, Speedball Super Black India Ink has excellent reproducing qualities on paper and most plastic drafting surfaces. It is easily applied by pen, brush, steel brush or airbrush. This ink is made from highly opaque, carbon black pigment for optimum lightfastness.

Use the Speedball Pen Cleaner to clean nibs after use.

Warning: Despite the many, many blogs claiming that this ink can be used for tattoos, we caution against this. This ink contains shellac and should not be scratched nor poked into the skin. The shellac is what makes the ink rich, glossy and waterproof, and also what could cause blood poisoning.

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