Schmincke Artists’ Soft Pastels

Working with Schmincke finest extra soft pastels leads you back to the origin of colour and is a real painting experience rather than simple drawing.

They contain only the purest medium fine ground artists’ pigments, which are in the highest possible concentration. Contrastingly, the binding agent content, is kept to a minimum, which ensures a stable compound. In order to guarantee the highest quality it is necessary to manufacture Schmincke pastels using special recipes which avoid the use of machinery during manufacture.

Full Colour Chart and Schmincke Pastel Brochure. 

The huge assortment of Schmincke finest extra-soft pastels contains 400 colours. 75 colours are available in each five different colour graduations, marked with the letters B, D, H, M and O. This clip shows the graduations and explains their idea.

The range contains also 5 additional pearl luster effect colours. Pastel paintings will always remain sensitive. Therefore, they should only be treated with a special fixative – like Schmincke fixative for pastels (No. 50 402) – to be used sparingly.

Ever wonder how Schmincke makes their pastels? ‘Worm extruders’ form the pre-kneaded dough into round skeins, which are then detached by hand and cut in a wirestrung frame. The damp sticks have to dry for around eight days before they can be labelled and packed by hand. This is a costly and time consuming process, however it is the only way Schmincke can guarantee homogenous quality and smoothness in all the production cycles, in order that the artist can be assured that his favourite colour shade is consistent throughout our range of finest extra-soft artists’ pastel colours. To see this manufacturing process watch this video below.

For more insights into getting started in soft pastel read our tip sheet. Soft Pastels: an Introduction

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