Schmincke Extra-Soft Artists’ Soft Pastel Sets


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Pastel painting has enjoyed great popularity for centuries, uniting drawing techniques with an intense colour effect. Extra-fine soft pastels by Schmincke are as soft as velvet and silk, resulting in a particularly soft and intense colour application. This is a result of their formulation and traditional production technique. The colour selection of 400 shades allows limitless artistic possibilities, whether used pure on pastel paper or in mixed-media. Fixatives will ensures that the observer can enjoy the unique results over a long period.


  • Each stick is handmade individually – colours that are as soft as velvet and silk
  • 400 brilliant and rich colours
  • Exceptionally strong colour application
  • Best, highly concentrated artists’ pigments
  • Minimum binder content
  • Maximum lightfastness
  • Unique colour mixtures and special colours
  • Full size sticks are approx. 2.5″ long x 0.5″ diameter

The Set of 10 includes: 001D White, 003D Permanent Yellow Light, 010D Orange Light, 042D Permanent Red Pale, 041D Scarlet, 063D Ultramarine Deep, 077D May Green, 014D Gold Ochre, 036D Vandyke Brown and 095B Cold Grey

Set of 15 includes: 002D Permanent Yellow Lemon, 004M Permanent Yellow Deep, 032H Brown Ochre, 036D Vandyke Brown, 022D English Red, 040D Vermilion, 045D Madder Lake, 059H Deep Violet, 064H Cobalt Blue Tone, 063B Ultramarine Deep, 077M May Green, 077D May Green, 001D White, 095O Cold Grey and 097D Serious Black

Set of 30 includes: 003D Permanent Yellow Light, 004D Permanent Yellow Deep, 010D Orange Light, 005D Permanent Orange Deep, 042D Permanent Red Pale, 041D Scarlet, 044B Permanent Red Deep, 045B Madder Lake, 048B Quin Violet, 049H Purple, 066D Prussian Blue, 063D Ultramarine Deep, 064M Cobalt Blue Tone, 068D Bluish Green, 080B Cold Green, 073D Leaf Green, 077B May Green, 085D Olive Green, 087B Olive Green Deep, 070B Leaf Green Deep, 098O Neutral Grey, 064O Cobalt Blue Tone, 091D Grey Blue, 095B Cold Grey, 036B Vandyke Brown, 033D Burnt Green Earth, 014D Gold Ochre, 013O Ochre Light, 016O Flesh Ochre and 023O Caput Mortuum Pale.

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Set of 10, Set of 15, Set of 30

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