Pierre Bataillard – Scribbles & Shapes

Exhibition: Scribbles and Shapes by Pierre Bataillard ran from June 24 to August 3, 2021, at the Naess Gallery, The Paint Spot.

Artist statement

In my work I seek freshness and spontaneity, to this end, there is no preliminary preparation such as sketches. I work directly on the final piece. Sometimes I will reach an impasse. In this case, I set the work aside until I have a clear idea of how to proceed from here. It can take days. I do not go back and correct, I start anew.

I like to think of my work as abstract and yet the landscape feel permeates through softening its impact thus becoming poetic.

P. Bataillard                              

Collection of images of art by Alberta artist Pierre Bataillard.

Pierre Bataillard

Self-taught, Switzerland-born artist Pierre Bataillard moved to Canada in 1967 and to Alberta in 1969, with a career as varied as his art: architectural draftsman (1964 – 1974), land use planner (1974 – 1976), architectural inspector (1976 – 1978), and project architect (1978 – 1981). Since 1981, Bataillard has been self-employed as an artist; he currently lives in a straw-bale home in Bonnyville, Alberta, and works at a nearby studio in his preferred media of watercolour, oils, pastels, and acrylics.

You can learn more about Pierre Bataillard’s art and work at the Alberta Foundation for the Arts website.

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