Van Gogh Watercolor Vibrant Colours Pocket Box


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Van Gogh Watercolor Vibrant Colours Pocket Box

The Van Gogh Watercolor Vibrant Colours Pocket Box Set includes 12 half pans of watercolor, and a size 6 synthetic round brush, as well as a mixing tray. This watercolor pocket box fits well in the hand and is easy to take with you anywhere. The lid holds an easy to clean, removable white plastic mixing tray with a large space underneath that can be used to mix washes when the tray is removed.


van gogh vibrant


  • 12 colors
  • Compact box set with Built-in mixing tray
  • Includes size 6 synthetic round brush
  • Great for travel
  • Excellent color intensity
  • Pigment fineness results in clear, rich colors
  • Easy to handle

Van Gogh watercolors are rated as a student and artist level paint range. They feature brilliant, transparent and intense colors with high tinting strength. Most colors are rated with the highest degree of lightfastness +++ (100+ years under museum conditions) with a few colors rated just one step below at ++ (25-100 years under museum conditions).

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