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Stoneground Pansy Blue Watercolour Half Pan

New Stoneground Pansy Blue Watercolour is now available in half pans. Designed in collaboration with The Mint Gardener, Pansy Blue is a cool blue that is perfect for landscapes, florals, and still life work.

Artist Notes:  Inspired by the cool blue blossoms of pansies, this almost dusty blue can be used alone or mixed into others to adjust the temperature of warmer hues.

Paint Maker’s Notes:  Pansy Blue is a combination of Titanium White (PW 6), Titanium Grey (PBk 19:7), and Phthalo Blue (PB 15:3)

Colour Details:

  • Transparency:  Semi-Transparent
  • Staining:  Semi-Staining
  • Granularity:  Non-Granular
  • Pigment Number:  PW 6 + PBk 19:7 + PB 15:3
  • Pigment Type:  Synthetic inorganic and synthetic organic
  • Pigment Composition:  Titanium dioxide, hydrated aluminum silicate, and copper phthalocyanine.
  • Lightfastness:  Not Rated
  • Toxicity:  Non-Toxic

Also available in the following Stoneground Mint Gardener palettes: Splendid 12, Luxury 24, Custom 6 (Autumn 2023)


Color Details:



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