Speedball FLEX Spring Green


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Speedball FLEX Spring Green Fabric Screen Printing Ink

Want to print Opaque Green on dark fabric? Speedball Flex Spring Green Fabric Screen Printing Ink is an advanced water-based ink designed to be flexible across a variety of materials. This new Screen Ink features High Opacity, Maximum Flexibility, a Soft Hand, is Permanent, with a Mixable Color Palette.


  • High Opacity: Ink delivers bold, rich color whether printing on light or dark fabric.
  • Maximum Flexibility: Ideal for use on cotton, polyester, rayon, and synthetic fibers while resisting cracking or peeling when fabric is stretched or pulled.
  • Soft Hand: Fabric remains soft to the touch.
  • Permanent: When properly heat set, ink will maintain rich, vibrant color for life of the garment.
  • Limitless Palette: Create your own signature palette by mixing FLEX Ink.


  • Drying Time: For best results, all projects should be allowed to dry overnight prior to heat setting. Rushing the drying process may lead to issues such as under-cured ink, poor adhesion, or ink cracking after washing.
  • Heat Setting: Please see the fabric types below to determine the recommended temperature and time to properly heat set your project.
    • 100% Cotton: 300° for 1 minute
    • Tri-blend: 300° for 1 minute
    • Polyester blend: 300° for 40 seconds

    Always use a piece of parchment paper to cover your printed project when heat setting whether doing so with a heat press or iron. This will prevent the ink from sticking to the heating element and to ensure even heat distribution. Use of alternative paper such as copy paper is NOT recommended.

  • Color Mixing: Speedball FLEX Inks are not pure process colors. This guarantees a highly opaque performance, but requires artists to experiment when developing their own custom colors.

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