SP036 Schmincke SP Vandyke Brown M


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Schmincke Extra-Fine Soft Pastel Full Stick

Vandyke Brown – 036 – M

Check out our blog about this amazing art material.

schmincke soft pastel chart

The huge assortment of Schmincke finest extra-soft pastels contains 400 colours. 75 colours are available in each five different colour graduations, marked with the letters B (with black), D (pure color), H, M and O (white shades). This clip shows the graduations and explains how they work.


  • Each stick is handmade individually – colours that are as soft as velvet and silk
  • 400 brilliant and rich colours
  • Exceptionally strong colour application
  • Best, highly concentrated artists’ pigments
  • Minimum binder content
  • Maximum lightfastness
  • Unique colour mixtures and special colours
  • Also available in sets


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