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Schmincke Extra-Fine Soft Pastel Full Sticks

Schmincke White Soft Pastel 001 – D

Also available in a Jumbo XL Stick!

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The huge assortment of Schmincke finest extra-soft pastels contains 400 colours. 75 colours are available in each five different colour graduations.


  • Each stick is handmade individually – colours that are as soft as velvet and silk
  • 400 brilliant and rich colours
  • Exceptionally strong colour application
  • Best, highly concentrated artists’ pigments
  • Minimum binder content
  • Maximum lightfastness
  • Unique colour mixtures and special colours
  • Also available in sets

Pastel painting has enjoyed great popularity for centuries, uniting drawing techniques with an intense colour effect. The extra-fine soft pastels by Schmincke are as soft as velvet and silk, with a particularly soft colour application. This is a result of their formulation and the traditional production technique. The colour spectrum of 400 shades allows limitless artistic possibilities. Use them in their pure form on pastel paper, in mixed-media techniques or on special Schmincke primers on canvas.

Check out our blog about this amazing art material.

Traditionally crafted pastels

The unusual formulation, which guarantees a unique strong colour application, also requires an equally unique production process: Traditional Craftsmanship. In this traditional and time-consuming process, screw presses are used first to shape the pre-kneaded dough into round strands. These are then removed by hand and cut into the right length in wire-strung frames. While the sticks are still damp, they are left to air dry for 8 days before they are labelled by hand.

It is not possible to produce Schmincke soft pastels using machines because of their particularly fine formulation. The expensive sticks could break. The guaranteed consistency of quality and softness across all production cycles is crucial. This means that artists know that the colour will always have the same quality.

Have you ever wanted to know how Schmincke Soft Pastels are made?  Check out this video!

Schmincke White Pastel

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Schmincke Pastels

B, D, H, M, O

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