NER005 Nerpa Colour Bright Green


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Nerpa Polymers Liquid Colourants are designed and formulated for use with epoxy resins. Our liquid colourants are made sustainably with a bio-based, fully compatible liquid resin carrier. Total renewable carbon content exceeds 90%.

Key features:

  • Designed and formulated for use in resin art, deep pours and epoxy coatings
  • Fully compatible with epoxy resins, non-toxic, bio-based
  • High pigment load for rich colour results

This resin carrier reacts with epoxy Part B unlike similar products on the market which are made with inert resin. This feature lets our customers not worry about stickiness, losing hardness and rigidity when adding our Liquid Colourants to epoxy resin.

Appearance Opaque, low viscosity liquid
Viscosity 400-900 cP.
Intended application to use with epoxy resins for making colour tone or blending multiple colours
Working temperature 20-27°C
Recommended load mL colourant/1L mixed epoxy 0-50
Bio-content >90%

Additional information

Size ml

30ml, 60 ml

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