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Stoneground Paint Co. Hellebore Purple Gouache

Stoneground Hellebore Purple Gouache is a water-based media that dries to an opaque, matte finish. Hellebore Purple is a dull, nearly black purple inspired by the spring blooms of black hellebore flowers. A moody and dark maroon-violet, this is Stoneground’s darkest modern gouache color.

Artist Notes:  This dramatic purple hue is an excellent choice for dark botanicals and for capturing shadows in landscapes. Combine it with yellows for interesting and complex browns found in autumn grasses and leaves.

Paint Makers Notes: Hellebore Purple is a combination of Quinacridone Violet (PV 19), Raw Umber (PBr 7), and Iron Oxide Black (PBk 11).

Color Details:

  • Size: Half Pan
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Pigment Number: PV 19, PBr 7, PBk 11
  • Pigment Type: Synthetic Organic + Natural Inorganic + Synthetic Inorganic
  • Composition: Gamma Quinacridone, Calcined natural iron oxide containing manganese, and Iron oxide.
  • Lightfastness: Not Rated
  • Toxicity: Non-Toxic

Stoneground Paint Co. Hellebore Purple Gouache

About Stoneground’s LUCKY 13 Colors:

Introducing Stoneground’s New LUCKY 13 Gouache Collection! This is our favorite launch to date. Thirteen jewel-inspired hues that are versatile, vibrant, and absolutely perfect for capturing late summer and autumn landscapes.

This release includes four new single pigment hues: Mars Yellow, Mars Red Light, and Mars Red Oxblood, and Nickel Titanium Yellow. Nine additional hues were also developed to supplement the original gouache collection. Sunflower, Clementine, Strawberry Fields, Beetroot Purple, Hellebore Purple, Peacock Blue, Maritime Pine, Green Gold, and Forest Floor.

Combine the new yellows (Nickel Titanium Yellow, Sunflower and Mars Yellow) with the newest purples (Beetroot and Hellebore) to create beautiful browns for fall foliage and dried leaves. Use Clementine for vibrant hits of orange in autumn botanicals, or combine it with Nickel Titanium Yellow for the perfect sunset glow in landscape paintings.

Be sure to follow Stoneground on Instagram for all of their latest news and updates.

About Stoneground:

Stoneground Paint Co. creates their handmade gouache by combining the world’s finest pigments and premium French chalk with a binder made from water, and Gum Arabic, as well as honey. Colours are easily mixed with one another and can be used interchangeably with Stoneground watercolour paint.

*images courtesy of Stoneground Paint Co.

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