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Montana Spray Caps

Montana Cans feature a cap system with a variety of interchangeable caps that allow artists to customize spray width on the same spray can to achieve different effects for different projects. Montana Spray Caps range from ultra-thin, for detailed work, to extra-fat for covering large surface areas.


montana fat capThe Orange Fat Cap has an average spray width of 3″ to 4″, and gives nice, clean lines.

montana standard capThe Standard O Cap is a classic skinny cap with a average spray width of .4″. Due to its hard and scruffy outcome the lines get a nice old school look.

montana spray capsThe Fat Cap Pink nozzle allows for an average spray width of 4″ to 5″.

maclaim capThe Ma’Claim Cap can produce lines as thin as .5″, and is great for fine fades with clean cut-offs.

montana spray capsThe Skinny Cap Beige is similar in line width (.5″) to the Skinny Cap Aerosol, but produces a stronger spray output and is good for details.

montana outline capThe Montana Outline Cap is a skinny cap for a fine average spray width from .4″ to 1.6″.

What to try a few caps? Check out this assorted set.

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Spray Caps

Fat Cap (orange dot), Fat Cap (pink dot), Ma Claim cap (white/grey dot), Outline Cap (grey), Skinny Cap (beige dot), Standard O Cap (black/white dot)

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