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DAS Air-Hardening Clay is an excellent modelling clay for art projects. The star of modelling clay. Since 1963, DAS has been the name in modelling all over the world: bas-relief, sculpting, mosaics and coatings are just some of the possible techniques. A natural material, it hardens in the air without firing, and is the perfect way to transform and model your world.

Extremely easy to smooth, it lets you create solid, resistant objects that can be customized and decorated however you like, using multi-surface paints and markers.

Especially suited for applications on different supports such as wood, card or terracotta.

White is ideal for drawing and painting. DAS can be drawn or painted using any type of decorating medium. Try Art Markers, Brush Pens, Watercolours, tempera paints and acrylics to create a one of a kind masterpiece!

Terra Cotta looks most like traditional clay. For a glossy finish use spray varnish or brush-on acrylic polymer varnish.

This product is not suitable for outdoors. It is meant to be used for decoration only. It is not save for food. It is not durable enough to hold water.

Below is an example of the number of projects small hands can make using the 1.1 lb product. Yield was 4 students per 1.1 lb. Each student was given about 1/2 cup of clay. We taught students how to build hollow. Appendages are best pulled from the body rather than as rolled logs attached. Poorly joined appendages risk cracking and breaking. These samples are painted using Chromacryl Acrylics and Stevenson Acrylic Varnish was brushed on to add gloss and durability.

More project ideas may be added to this page at a later time.

*Sulphur Free*




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1.1 lb. Terra Cotta, 1.1 lb. White, 2.2 lb. Terra Cotta, 2.2 lb. White

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