Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book 3


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Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book 3

This is the third book in a series of Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book. It is intended for people who wish to learn how to decorate pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs), as well as for people who want to improve their current skills.

Complete step by step instructions are given for 24 traditional and unique Easter egg pysanky designs. Egg number 1 explains in detail the wax resist process used for decorating pysanky. Materials needed, removing wax, varnishing, emptying eggs, hanging eggs, symbols and colors are also explained. The illustrations in this book attempt to show one half of the design. This can be quite difficult at times since we are showing a spherical surface on flat paper. Details of parts that may not be clear are provided.

Please note:

When the top and bottom of the egg are the same, only one illustration is given and will be called the top. Likewise, when a design has a border, one half of the border will be shown, along with one side which will be referred to as the front. When there is a picture or a scene, it’s special area will be called a window.

Pysanky are filled with symbolic art. The meaning of the main symbol in the design accompanies each egg design. Additionally, Chapter seven provides additional lore about symbols and colors. Included with this book is a convenient insert of the eggs shown in color. This insert can be used in conjunction with the step by step directions provided for each pysanka in chapter 5. It is our hope that after completing the eggs in this book, you will find an art to be enjoyed for years to come.

Softcover. 110 pages.

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