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The Sta-Wet Super Pro Palette by Masterson is a multi-purpose palette for all your painting needs. For use with acrylics, watercolors, gouache, or oils. Join thousands of artists, students, instructors and hobbyists who choose Masterson Art Products for their palette and paint storage needs.

For use with Acrylics, use Masterson’s patented “Sta-Wet” palette paper and sponge (5 sheets and 1 sponge included). Paints will slowly absorb moisture from the sponge to keep paints wet for hours while the palette is open. The lid will keep your paints clean and moist for days, even weeks! The Super Pro palette features 28 wells for holding paint and 3 mixing areas to keep your color ranges separate. The inverted lid can be used as an additional, larger mixing area. The lid will keep your paints clean between painting sessions.

For use with Watercolors, remove the palette paper and sponge to use all the wells and mixing areas to work with your paints.

For use with Oils, you can remove the acrylic palette paper and sponge and insert your favorite 12×16″ oil palette paper (not included). The lid will keep your paints clean and help slow drying. The lid may be used for extra area for paint mixing. Additional palette paper and a new sponge may be purchased separately.

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  • Super Pro Palette: Size: 16″ x 12″ (40.6 x 30.5cm) inner palette size 10″ x 1 4.5″
  • Super Pro Paper Refills:  size 10″ x 1 4.5″ comes in 30 per package.
  • Super Pro Replacement Sponges: size 10″ x 14.5″ come in 3 per package.

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Palette, Paper Refill 30/pkg, Sponge Refill 3/pkg

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