Schmincke Surface Cleaner for Oil Paintings 35ml


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Restoration Medium -Cleaner for oil paintings (50018)

Emulsion with wax

Pastouse emulsion for thorough removal of surface dirt on through-dried oil pictures. Colourless; contains wax. Apply medium with a soft lint-free cloth to a small area and remove dirt by rubbing lightly. Careful after-treatment recommended with oil of turpentine (50024, 50102) or turpentine substitute (50019). Pre-tests before use!

Thinner: water


  • Cleaner for oil paintings is ready to use, but can be diluted with water.
  • Common use: Apply medium sparingly with a soft lint-free cloth on a small area and remove dirt by rubbing lightly (!). (Attention: The product should be left only very briefly on the surface of the picture. Take care with impasto art works: Such surfaces could be damaged mechanically if being rubbed to hard!)
  • Careful after-treatment is recommended with oil of turpentine 50024 / 50102 or turpentine substitute 50019.
  • Please check in advance whether the colour layer has a good binding force and a good adhesion to the substrate. Make sure that no upper-most colour layers are dissolved during cleaning! Always pre-test the product on an area that is not directly visible, e.g. at the edge of the picture in the fold region of the ornamental frame.
  • We recommend that you have such work performed on valuable paintings by a professional restorer.
  • Close immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Individual pre-tests are required.

Sizes: 35 ml

Contains:  wax, mineral spirit, water, emulsifying agent.

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