R&F Pigment Stick Translucent Color Set of 6

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R&F Pigment Stick Translucent Color Set of 6

These R&F Translucent Color sets feature R&F Pigment Sticks. These unique oil sticks will transform the way you paint. They have rich pigmentation and a lipstick soft consistency. This gives them the same fluidity, subtlety and durability of traditional oil colours. They have just enough natural wax added to maintain a solid stick form. Pigment Sticks let you get rid of the brush allowing you to work more directly on your surface. Their immediacy and mark making ability afford an endless range of options. Use R&F Blending Medium to extend these sticks.


Great for layering and creating tinted washes of color, the R&F Translucent Color Set offers a range of gem-like tones. It contains six 38 ml pigment sticks, Indian Yellow, Alizarin Orange, Alizarin Crimson, Egyptian Violet, Ultramarine Blue, and Viridian, in a cradled 6½” × 7½” (16.5 cm × 19 cm) Ampersand Gessobord.


  • Use it as an Oil Paint: One way to use R&F Pigment Sticks® is to treat them as if they were regular tube oils or use them in combination with tube oils. You can work on any surface just as you would with oils. Use brushes, solvents, and rags once the paint is on the surface. Some artists use them to start a painting with a quick sketch. Others do their painting with brushes and then put in final details with the sticks.
  • Use it as a Drawing Tool: Pigment Sticks® are becoming more prevalent as stand-alone painting and drawing tools. They are a wonderful bridge between drawing and painting and their very nature causes artists to loosen up, use more color, and be spontaneous and gestural.
  • Use it for Monotypes: Printmakers are falling in love with Pigment Sticks®. Anyone who has spent hours trying to mix colors with only nine or ten printmaking inks will find this palette of 91 colors very liberating. Because of their immediacy, and mark making ability, they afford an endless range of options.

Benefits to Working with Pigment Sticks

  • They can be thinned with turpentine or mineral spirits.
  • They can be worked with mediums by dipping them into stand oil, linseed oil, alkyd mediums, or oil medium gels.
  • You can mix them alongside tube oils or use them to draw over dried oil paintings.
  • Blending Sticks are colorless Pigment Sticks – essentially a stick without pigment. You can work them into an oil  color to increase its transparency or blend two colors together on the painting.
  • You can manipulate Pigment Sticks with a paint knife until the paint is a buttery consistency, then it can be brushed or knifed onto the surface. You can use this method to mix colors on the palette or on a painting.

Find information about R&F Pigment Sticks here.

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