Plus Go Car Pencil Sharpeners


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Plus Go Car Pencil Sharpeners

Say goodbye to boring pencil sharpeners with the PLUS Go Pencil Sharpener! Instead of twisting a pencil by hand, simply lock the pencil in and push or pull it across your desk to sharpen to a perfect point! A satisfying click lets you know the pencil is sharp and ready to go! Whether you are a car enthusiast, lover of whimsy, or just looking for a fun new way to sharpen pencils, the Go Pencil Sharpener is ready to race off to your desk!

Most people have forgotten all about pencils, but in Japan they’re still a big deal. Granted, their main target group remain elementary aged children, but now there are all kinds of accessories to make using them more enjoyable and more effective. Perhaps none of them combines fun and function quite like the Go! Pencil Sharpener Car, the first sharpener that not only looks like a toy car, but actually uses movement to do its job.

The Go! Pencil Sharpener Car comes in three colors, red, yellow, and blue, with an extra replacement blade. Simply insert your pencil in the opening in the car trunk and move it back and forth like a toy car. With each movement, the blade sharpens your pencil to a needle point with virtually no effort involved. This sharpener will work with any 8 mm/0.3″ pencil from HB to 4B. And yes, it is supposed to be a toy, but will probably make adults want to reconnect with their pencils too.


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Blue, Red, Yellow

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