Jacquard Resistad Water-based Gutta 8oz


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Jacquard Resistad Water-based Gutta 8oz

Jacquard Resistad Water-based Gutta’s unique chemistry offers all the advantages of both permanent and removable resists. The Medium Concentrate formula allows artists to tailor the viscosity of the resist to their needs. Additionally, because it is extra thick, it can be loaded with dye, producing colored lines without jeopardizing performance. As a “hybrid” resist, it holds detail better than any other water-based system, yet still washes out of fabric easily with warm water.

Developed by John Mitchell of Procolour in New Zealand, the formula was acquired and further improved upon by Jacquard Products in 2017.

Some of the advantages of Resistad over other resists:

  • CONCENTRATED FOR MAXIMUM CONTROL. Resistad is a medium viscosity formulation you should thinned with water or liquid dye to the desired consistency for the method of application. The recommended ratio for hand pipetting is 1:1 Resistad to water, but you may adjust this to taste. This concentrated approach gives artists better economy and is less costly to ship.

  • EASILY COLORED. Mix the resist with dye instead of water to create crisp colored lines. Resistad makes for an excellent delivery system for Silk Colors and other dyes. This means artists can create an infinite palette of colored guttas all from a single concentrate. Thus, extending and liberating gutta creativity! Colored Resistad resists just as well as non-colored resist.

  • SUPERIOR HYPERPHOBICITY. Resistad resists better than any other water-based resist. This means you can achieve better detail in your work and be freer with how you apply liquid color. If heat set, it becomes so water-resistant that you can even brush color over it. Heat setting activates the gutta’s water repellent properties, transforming it from water-miscible to water-resistant. The degree of heat setting determines the resistivity of Resistad to a large extent. Air-dried Resistad also resists reasonably well.

  • EXCELLENT FOR PRINTING APPLICATIONS such as screen printing, block printing, stamping and sponging. Because of its high viscosity, Resistad prints as well as any other printing paste, and holds fine detail extremely well. You simply cannot achieve this with other resists. Printing with Resistad means line work has much higher precision than hand-applied lines and more quickly. This makes it great for commercial artists and production runs.

  • EASY TO WASH OUT. Resistad washes out of silk quickly and easily and does not change the feel, drape or luster of the fabric. Resistad resists as well as, or better than, permanent solvent and water-based resists, without changing the hand of the fabric like a permanent resist.

  • EASY CLEAN-UP. Clean up with water, and there are no noxious fumes associated with using Resistad.


To make gutta: Mix one part Resistad with one part water (or concentrated liquid dye), or to the desired consistency for your application. Allow to rest for at least one hour and then remix to ensure a smooth, lump-free and bubble-free gutta paste.

  1. Apply the gutta to silk using an applicator, silkscreen, brush, stamp or stencil.

  2. Rapid dry the gutta design for maximum sharpness, if possible.

  3. For optimum performance, heat set with an iron on silk temp., or another heat appliance (heat press, heat gun, etc.). Otherwise, allow to completely air dry.

  4. Color in the gutta design using liquid dyes or paints.

  5. Once the color is set according to the manufacturer’s instructions, remove the resist by first soaking in cool water and then rinsing with Synthrapol.

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