ArtGraf Viarco Watersoluble Graphite Disc


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ArtGraf Viarco Watersoluble Graphite Disc

The ArtGraf Viarco Graphite Disc is an exciting and versatile tool for drawing and painting. It is available in the handy shape of an old-fashioned tailor’s chalk. This watersoluble graphite can be used in a variety of ways and is ready for use with a wet brush. Draw with it dry or wet. Draw on wet paper for watercolor effects, use it as a watercolor pan with a wet brush, or dip the block in water for lines and washes.

Use them dry or wet to achieve a wide range of washes. From the deepest blacks to more subtle transparent grays. They are erasable once dry and are great for adding texture and depth to sketches and watercolors.

Ideal for travel or studio use, Art Graf Pigmented Tailor Shapes also comes in a variety of colors and sets as well as an intensely black carbon discFind more ArtGraf products here.

You can use the tapered edges and rounded corners of this watersoluble graphite tailor’s shape for line work and details. The broad side can be use to create large bold strokes. Try it on wet paper for a delicious drawing stroke. Figure drawers and urban sketchers will love the ease and versatility of this uniquely shaped drawing tool.


Each tailor chalk measures 1 3/4” x 2” (5.5 cm × 5.5 cm × 0.5 cm)

Weight: 60 g

Also available in sets.

Made by skilled craftsmen in Porto, Portugal. The ArtGraf family of tailor’s chalks, graphite and carbon products represents the heritage and dedication to superior quality that has been ingrained in the practices of this family-owned manufacturer since 1907. Find out more about ArtGraf by Viarco here.

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